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Buying a new boat?, Christmas is


We look at all the boxes you need to tick when buying a new boat.

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A longstanding White Dot Sailing client has upgraded their boat this season, from 32ft to 38ft. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a big step, it’s a significant jump in terms of: specifications, investment, sophistication and broadening their horizons!

As owners progress in the sport of sailing, their needs often change. This client wanted a larger boat to safely broaden his families cruising area and improve their comfort aboard. White Dot Sailing was involved in the process from the start, and is actively managing the new boat and the boat it has replaced – which is now up for sale.

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The new boat, a Dufour 382 fitted the owner’s requirements perfectly – a solid proven manufacturer supplying a yacht design with good sailing ability and a spacious living environment. The boat was purchased with the performance package which added an overlapping head sail, German main sheet system, adjustable back stay, upgraded sails and a fixed bowsprit for the asymmetric spinnaker. All identified as important by the owner – the brief was a boat that was fun to sail. The full process, from conception to sailing under full ownership, took less than two months. This was helped by the boat being in the country already and from then on, the smooth process and decision making led to the owner hitting the water running sailing!

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The diagram above shows all the processes in which White Dot Sailing provided assistance, whilst keeping the owner in complete control. These are all part and parcel of purchasing a new boat and it’s time consuming to make sure each are done right. With new boats coming to the market with increasingly sophisticated technology, it’s tougher to research each system to find whether they work for you. Finding an impartial source of advice can help you through this, making sure you end up with the right boat for you.

Once purchased, you can have peace of mind that you have the best boat for your needs, having explored all the options. It becomes a long-term solution because your requirements have been met, saving time and money as you won’t need to upgrade for many seasons to come.

If you're looking for a new boat next season, why get in contact here. Maybe you can be on the water sooner than you think.