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    We build long standing relationships with fellow sailors & boaters

    Enabling you to achieve exactly what you want from your boating career.

    We focus on you, recognising that your goals and interests change over time.

    You don't need a boat to start engaging with us, we work with you at any stage of your sailing & boating career.



  • How It Works

    You stay in control, we provide the support


    Client agreement

    We create an agreement which is bespoke to your goals and forms the basis of our relationship. These are assessed regularly and can be adapted when goals or needs change. These can include mentoring, coaching, charter organisation, searching for your perfect boat. Or navigating legal/technical/tax/financial protocols when looking to purchase.


    Boat management

    If you are a boat owner, we create an additional section to the agreement. It will cover everything needed to keep your boat in a ready to go condition. It will have a clear pricing structure so the cost of any maintenance work will be known. It will also include warranty, long term maintenance schedules and identify systems ready for refurbish or renewal. We keep the majority of maintenance in house.


    Special projects

    If you have a specific trip planned, need the boat elsewhere, want to charter or generally have a new idea, we work with you to assess the feasibilty, tweak the goals and then make it happen!

    For larger projects we draw on our skills from the Adventure Projects framework, meaning we can utilise our in-house experience.

  • Core benefits to joining us

    We are there to support you and help you navigate all aspects of the leisure marine industry

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    Continued support, constant contact & clear goals

    We work with you to create training, individual trip and long term plans within an environment of continual learning and improvement. We are in regular contact with all our managed clients, forming a close working relationship with them.

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    Experience within the industry that we're ready to pass on to you

    We believe in developing our client's skills in all areas, including maintenance, administration of boats as well as highlighting areas of the marine industry they may yet to have experienced. We encourage the transfer of our knowledge to you at any opportunity.

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    Professional management tools

    We use software to track and manage all boat maintenance and management items. This forms a core process in our management, making sure all repairs are recorded, completed and logged. We give you ongoing access and interactivity to this, whilst we work with you. This cloud based system means you can log on and see the current status of your boat in real time.

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    Sailing or Motor Yachts

    Our aim is to work with you throughout your sailing career, we have clients who switch between power and sailing yachts depending on their goals. We've gained valuable knowledge in both sectors.


    We also have experience throughout the manufacturing ranges within each sector, we currently manage boats with values from £0.5m up to £3m and from 40ft to 70ft. You can be assured that we carry the same pride and attention to detail aboard any boat in our maintained fleet.

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    Worldwide operations

    There is no geographical limit to our operations, meaning we can maintain a relationship with you remotely and adapt our agreements to suit.

    We manage clients in the UK, Channel Islands, Europe, Caribbean and southern hemisphere. We have strong relationships with suppliers in many of the boating hotspots around the World.


    We can travel to our client's location, or bring the boat to our base. We are registered as a temporary importer of boats with HM Revenue & Customs, allowing us to refit and repair them (subject to meeting certain criteria) at our base of operations without the owner attracting taxes such as VAT and Import Duty.